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Integrating modern perspectives with ancient wisdom, my work is to thread together diverse and profound understandings, experiences and skills in order to nourish the multidimensionality of our lives and our Being.
Integral Body Sense offers a rich, inter-affective nest of treasures, in a workshop/retreat environment - a day, a weekend, a week.

NEST OF TREASURES for the Journey
In this 'Nest', lined with the many fragrant dimensions and gifts of Body Sense Alexander Technique embedding natural, dynamic Awareness and Poise are -

The Art of T'ai Ch'I
Acquiring energy without tenseness, strength without hardness, vitality without nervousness

The Art of Natural, Conscious Walking
A Route and a Key to High Human Potential

The Art of Emotional Intelligence
- through the work of C S Jung, Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, Storytelling …
"We're all transmitting our present state to others all around us all the time. Being happy, being depressed, being fun, believing in justice - all such states of mind can be contagious!" Ken Wilber

The Art of Ecological Intelligence
- encouraged by the perspectives of Ian McCallum, Duane Elgin, Rupert Sheldrake …
"There's nothing we can do to stop a lot of ecological forces that are already in play. The question is: Are we going to react like the Pentagon, the Dalai Lama or like Einstein." Wes Nisker

The Art of Contemplativeness, Meditativeness, Spirituality
- working to integrate the great contemplative, meditation and mystical traditions into daily thought and action in the world.

The Art of Mystical Poetry
- inspired by visionaries such as Mary Oliver, Jellaludin Rumi, Hafiz, Tagore, Teresa of Avila…

The Art of Spiritsound Music
- that speaks for our times: Anouar Brahem, Derek Gripper, Arvo Part …

The Art of Relaxedness, Ease
Undoing, unravelling unnecessary tension and strain - towards a state where body, mind and feelings are calm, restful and balanced, but alert and spirited

The Art of Living Consciously, Constructively
A profound, conscious, intelligent and healing state of Being and Living - where SOUL and SPIRIT have a chance.