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~ a path to health and the richness of well-Being ~

An aesthetically beguiling handbook on
The Art of Natural, Conscious Walking
Written in free-verse with quotes, practical exercises and vignettes

PUBLISHER: Graysonian Press
PUBLICATION : August 2011
AVAILABLE FROM: Marguerite - margsmerwe@telkomsa.net or tel +27 (0)28 271 4555; and the publisher

THE ART OF WALKING is a palette of knowledge, practical skills and inspiration, weaving a journey through diverse dimensions of Walking - health, therapeutic enjoyment, balance, conscious awareness, a way to the sacred.
For the first time, readers will :
- learn Nature's effortless, upright, strong and supple Walking patterns ;
- develop their Walking into a rich resource for overall health and well-being;
- fashion a Walking life rich in enjoyment and ease, a path to physical, mental, emotional
and spiritual elegance
- recover their natural state of poise and vitality,
- transform an ordinary activity into one of extraordinary power, lightness and
- discover an antidote to stress of any kind.

This is a 'praise-poem' on Walking. Body-talk, mind-talk, soul-talk - speaking to EveryMan / EveryWoman interested in making their life a unique 'work of art'. A practical way of moving through one's days and life in ease and richly-layered awareness. A guide to raising Walking to an Art, a Lifeskill. A Way to physical, therapeutic, spiritual Health and Wellness.
A journey through many aspects of the Walking life

"Marguerite's skill and artistry enabled me-in my 60s-to walk the 800km Camino de Santiago with ease, with grace and with great pleasure. I hope that many, many walkers and would-be walkers can benefit from her lifelong passion and great wisdom."
Dr Amati Conradie

"Learn to walk softly and open up to the deep mystery of moving with less effort-Marguerite has this gift to give to the world."
Julia Griss

Enriching Feminine Consciousness and Body Awareness

'EVE-OLUTION' - a Praise Poem for Woman - the Divine Feminine - a web of knowledge, inspiration and practical help, encouraging us to honour our magnificent creation, the magic of our bodies, the power of our thinking, and ways to infuse life with the multitudinous facets of 'Womanliness' and 'The Feminine'.

As the Feminine, as Woman, we are inspired
* to realign the Feminine body with Feminine nature,
* to restore our natural state of poise, ease, sensitivity and vitality,
* to listen to our intuition, intelligence, and the language of our bodies,
* to fashion womanly ways, womanly bodies, womanly worlds, womanly presence and poise
* to craft lives embedded in bodily wisdom, freedom and authenticity,
* to enhance the EVE-OLUTION of Feminine Intelligence.

PUBLISHED 2002. Reprint date to be announced

I write under my birth name, OSLER, and am sister of ANTONY OSLER , author of that delicious books of writings - 'STOEP ZEN' www.stoepzen.co.za