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Life is a wild wonder, a celebration, a suffering, a great learning, a mystery! Above all, there is a choice to be happy.
My path to living skillfully focuses on integrating scientific, psychological and spiritual understanding into the realm of the Body, restoring a healthy respect for the magnificence and potential of the human body, and the individual's ability to build overall health in a natural, intelligent, gentle but effective way.
This is my 'service'.

And for the making of life rich and buoyant… there is music and poetry and dance - the rich gifts of soul, spirit and creativity - Nature's environment - good conversation - kindness, happiness and the company of great minds of all ages.
Join this caravan as we craft our wholeness and evolution!.
My husband - Charles van der Merwe, an accomplished artist - and I live in the small coastal village of Kleinmond, South Africa. Nestling between mountains and sea on the edge of the Kogelberg Biosphere a World Heritage site.